Setup synergy on Mac OS X and Ubuntu

5 May 2007

With the help of Synergy one can manange multiple computers/screens by using just one keyboard and mouse. So i found out after several painful months of using two sets of keyboard and mouse to switch between my Macbook and Ubuntu Desktop. I shall talk about the steps I took to get synergy to work on my Macbook and Ubuntu desktop. I chose to use my Macbook as the server and Ubuntu as the client.

Hostname of my Macbook(Server): isis
p. Hostname of my Ubuntu Desktop(Client) : venus

Please replace the hostnames in the following example with your correct names.

Step 1

Download and install the source code from
unzip the file install it on both computers.

sudo make install

Step 2 ( Configure Mac OS X server)

Create a file called synergy.conf with the following content.

section:  screens
# name the screens
section:  links
# telling synergy direction of the screens
# my macbook is on the left and Ubuntu is on the right
right = venus
left = isis

To start the synergy server

synergys -f --config syngery.conf

Step 3: ( starting Ubuntu Client)

Make sure you have installed synergy.Then run the following command.

synergyc -f isis  #  (syngergyc -f hostname-of-synergy-server)

You can also use the ip address of the synergy server.

For more information visit: Synergy Site